Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy and Parenting support


Sometimes children experience difficulties that may cause disruption to their lives. Creative Psychotherapy and Play therapy provides a child the opportunity explore their thoughts, feelings and problems. Creativity and Play are a child's natural way of communication.


Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy is a useful intervention for all children and young people as it facilitates them in making sense of the world, reaching their potential and developing resilience and emotional intelligence.



At the Listening Tree Play therapy Centre, I provide help and support to children and their families. The listening Tree is a private and affordable centre, offering Creative Psychotherapy, Play Therapy, Parenting support, Supervision and workshops for professionals.

You will find us at the M.D.A Irish Town Mountmellick Co Laois 

 Opening times are 10am to 7pm Wednesday and Fri 

Contact  Monique at 089 475 1059