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Supervision is a formal arrangement whereby a practitioner explores their client work regularly with an experienced practitioner who is trained in the practice of supervision. 

Creative Supervision includes the use of action methods and creative approaches in the supervision of therapists and other professionals involved in direct work with clients of all ages, utilising a variety of theoretical frameworks, and in a variety of circumstances. As a creative supervisor I use the seven - eyed model of supervision facilitated through creative media such as sand tray, art, movement and play.

The seven - eyed model of supervision focuses on seven distinct aspects of the therapeutic process: focus on the client, focus on the intervention, focus on the client/therapist relationship, focus on the therapist's process, focus on the therapist/supervisor relationship, focus on the supervisor's process, and focus on the wider context.

Supervision is a collaborative process which aims to:

Safeguard the welfare of clients by monitoring ethical and professional practice

Encourage self-reflection and critical analysis of content and process of their work.

Enhance the development of competence and skills.

Ensure maintenance of good standards of practice.

Enhance self-awareness in the supervisee and the development of the "internal supervisor".

Support the supervisee as a protective mechanism against stress and burnout.

A safe restorative space to explore and express personal distress, transference or counter-transference that may be brought up by the work.